so tonight is the night!

I’m 23 and do I care about the elections today hell yeah I do

I’m working tonight counting all your votes and really wanted to blog before the results come out. Personally I think Labour have it in the bag!

Conservatives have done some drastic things for a first term. Their biggest mistake cutting the benefits of all the people who ignored politics. I think they have given them all a real shake by the shoulders now. I mean all these people who were affected by the bedroom tax or those who got shipped out of London to the midlands into “more affordable housing” will be voting tonight and it sure as hell won’t be for conservatives.

LibDems lost all credibility through the coalition – if you could even call it that.

As for UKIP and BNP yes okay you captured a few peoples attention with the whole immigration thing but it’s the same most years… People fall into the trap. The media focus on an issue which gets everybody all uppity on it then someone’s rocks up saying they will magic it all away. It’s a hype and people really aren’t that stupid to actually put these racist ignorant people in charge of our country…. Well I hope not anyway haha…. are they??????

I could talk politics for an age I’m passionate about it and wish more young people were. I hope everyone is using their right to vote today after all some people in the world aren’t lucky enough to have that. Also it’s important to let these slimy politicians know we are actually taking some kind of interest in who runs our country; if we don’t can we blame them for fiddling their expenses, never giving us a referendum on anything etc….. No we actually can not!!!!!

Now I’m off to power nap before the count begins!

Ciao x

1st post wooooiiii oiiiiiiiiiii

So I’ve been asking myself this for a long time. Should I blog?
I used to write a diary and opening it back up is crazy, the emotions jump back out the pages and slap me right in the face. But it’s nice to relive the happy parts. To see people’s names mentioned who are still in my life and to see how my relationships/friendships with them has progressed. That alone convinced me but then there are other questions you ask yourself.

Is my blog for me or for others? – I guess the answer to that is who cares. I will keep it public and probably be flattered if people take an interest in my life (serial killers excluded). If I got like mass following and then I was allowed my own TV show afterwards well haha that would be fabulous! I’m opinionated, nosey, I’m interested in tonnes of things and I have thoughts to express. I also loveeee a debate so please join in!

What to blog about? We’ll I kind of covered that above. It’s my space to fill with whatever the fuck I want. Sometimes I’ll be funny, sometimes vulgar, sometimes serious. I love reading I’ll big up my latest reads. I may discuss work, I have an obsession with all things Latin, I live to travel, I’m tattoo mad, I have a huge interesting family, PerĂº is my favourite place on planet Earth & I’m into politics – so let the games begin!

Enjoy the life of Chokita…. x